Unbelievable: Behar rips O'Reilly's 9/11 "hate speech" -- while sitting next to Truther Jesse Ventura

So it turns out my post this afternoon about Behar’s limitless tolerance of Rosie “Fire can’t melt steel” O’Donnell was actually just the set-up to a joke. Now comes the punchline: Not only does Joy have a stronger stomach for Trutherism than for O’Reilly’s outrageously outrageous reminder that the hijackers were Muslim, she’s willing to prove it by sitting down with one of America’s most famous Truthers on the very day that she staged her walkout. And not only that, but Ventura actually reminds her here that he’s a Truther (of the “just asking questions” variety, to be sure) — and she doesn’t bat an eye. So not only is she petulant, unprofessional, and soft on conspiracy theorists, she’s happy to flaunt it on all three counts. Remember that the next time you catch some big-media personality slobbering over “serious journalist” Barbara Walters. There’s a galaxy of liberal women who’d be ready, willing, and able to fill the left-wing role on “The View,” yet this is the star on whom Barbara’s fixed her telescope. Wonderful.

Stick with it all the way for Ventura’s apparent theory that if something is constitutional, it’s above criticism. Below that you’ll find Laura Ingraham’s chat with O’Reilly on tonight’s Factor revisiting some of Behar’s own greatest anti-Christian hits. She does a nice job, but I’m honestly amazed that neither of them went after Joy from the Rosie/Truther angle.