Video: The greatest action sequence of all time

Something sweet to cleanse the palate before The One’s Iraq speech and the final results of the Miller/Murkowski nail-biter up north. Don’t ask me why this is suddenly going viral today. The YouTube gods work in mysterious ways; it is not for us to question, but rather to give thanks.

Two thoughts here. First, no American filmmaker has ever produced a scene this good and no American filmmaker ever will. We’re beat, so let’s accept defeat gracefully. Second, try as I might, I can’t figure out a way to turn this into a “Metaphor of the Day.” It’s simply too convoluted. Maybe something related to ObamaCare, with the Democrats’ midterm hopes represented by the helicopter and the left’s obsession with socialized medicine represented by the jeep? But then … who’s the guy throwing the sword? Paul Ryan, maybe? I’m so confused.

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