"We Remember": 9/11 families oppose Ground Zero mosque

Via Bill Kristol’s and Liz Cheney’s outfit Keep America Safe, a few more people for Pelosi to investigate. I’m really, really not looking forward to an ad war over the mosque: This one is about as restrained as you can get, restricting itself to in-their-own-words statements from the victims’ families and even featuring an acknowledgment that the property owners have the right to build if they want. But (a) the pro-mosque side can and will respond with the same sort of ad (there are mosque supporters among the victims’ families, including Ted Olson) and (b) the natural progression in any ad war is to get nastier and more demagogic as it goes along. If the online “debate” over the mosque is any indication, soon we’ll have anti-mosque 527 ads showing Bin Laden doing a victory jig in the pit at Ground Zero and pro-mosque 527 ads showing mosque opponents in Klan hoods and sheets. Don’t forget to include Harry Reid and Howard Dean!