New poll: Fiorina 41, Campbell 21, DeVore 16

In case you were wondering whether last night’s hotly debated Survey USA numbers were outliers, wonder no longer.

It’s hard to build name recognition in a state as big and expensive as California, and Fiorina is the only one of the Senate candidates who’s known to more than half of Republican primary voters. 46% have a favorable opinion of her to 17% with a negative one and 37% having no opinion. By comparison 54% of voters have no opinion about Campbell to 28% with a positive one and 19% with an unfavorable one, and DeVore is even less well known with 62% having no opinion about him to 24% with a favorable one and 14% with a negative one.

A look insider DeVore’s numbers in particular show some promise for his campaign that will likely never be fulfilled. Among voters who know enough about him to have an opinion- whether it’s a positive or a negative one- he trails Fiorina only 37-35. But with a 25 point gap in name recognition and without the money to close that gap it’s going to be very hard for him to have a serious chance to win this race at the end.

Among conservatives, Campbell’s actually third now with 15 percent; Fiorina leads with 47 percent and DeVore’s a distant second with 19. Palinistas are claiming this along with Haley’s surge as proof of Sarahcuda’s golden touch with the base, which is fair enough. But a smart friend who’s tapped into California politics e-mailed earlier per last night’s post to note that Fiorina’s been dominating Campbell and DeVore with TV advertising, which is obviously key in a state as big as Cali, and with mailers painting Campbell as a consummate RINO. It’s not just Palin’s endorsement that’s been helping her either: She got the nod from the National Right to Life and the California Farmers Bureau, which obviously helps in rural areas. The primary’s two weeks from today. Campbell and DeVore had better have a rabbit in the hat or else it looks like this is a done deal.