University to Swedish Mohammed cartoonist: You're no longer invited to give lectures

Pure scum. They might as well have let those degenerates tear him apart yesterday. Either way, he’s silenced.

Swedish cartoon artist Lars Vilks, who became the target of an alleged international murder plot for his 2007 cartoons of Mohammed as a dog, again angered Muslims Tuesday by showing an Iranian film that depicts the Prophet entering a gay bar.

When Mr. Vilks showed a scene from the film at Uppsala University in Sweden, a protester charged the dais and hit him, breaking his glasses. Police were forced to detain or pepper-spray some unruly members of the crowd as other protesters yelled “Allahu Akbar” – “God is great.”…

Officials said they would “not likely” invite Vilks again because of the incident. In some quarters, the university’s reponse is adding to concerns that violence and threats from some members of the Muslim community are effectively muzzling free speech.

If you think this couldn’t happen at an American university, bad news: It already has. In fact, I’ve seen examples of it with my own two eyes. The punchline? As usual, appeasement only encourages further aggression by lowering the threshold for what constitutes actionable offense. Read this Paul Ibrahim piece at Pajamas contrasting western groveling to jihadis with the insults routinely thrown at Mohammed by an Arabic evangelical TV network. Ibrahim draws the lesson that if you act like a dhimmi, you’ll be treated like one. I think it’s more complicated than that — Arab atrocities against Arabs have always been vastly more tolerated in the Middle East than, say, western atrocities against Arabs — but good luck explaining how and why bowing to every threat of violence is making western media safer.

Oh — Vilks’s website was hacked this morning, too. Just another way to shut him up. Exit quotation from the man himself: “What you get [when you appease] is a mob deciding what can be discussed at the university… I’m ready to go up again. This must be carried through. You cannot allow it to be stopped.”