Coulter: I can't believe how much the media's willing to lie about Arizona's law

Via the Right Scoop, I was planning a post on this very subject but now I see that she — and Byron York — have beaten me to it. No wonder we’re all in sync: Even by its usual standards of bias and screeching demagoguery, the commentariat really has outdone itself this time. Click that last link to see what I mean, being careful to note that it’s not just lefties with filth on their hands. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Arizona’s law will be a spectacular success even if it never goes into effect. Look at how much it’s accomplished: It’s derailed the Democrats’ amnesty bill; it’s refocused national attention on the disgraceful state of border enforcement; it’s convinced some illegals that Arizona’s not worth the trouble; and it’s baited bottom-feeders in the media into all sorts of dumb, self-discrediting analysis. All that in just a week, before the law’s even taken effect. That’s some mighty efficient legislatin’ right there.

I’m giving you a second video below the Coulter clip along the same lines, to remind you (a) that some people are conscientious enough to read the bill before commenting on it and (b) that it’s a mistake to assume that all Latino citizens are against the bill. (But then, we already sort of knew that.) An important fact that’s often lost amid the shameless racial pandering on this subject: There are hundreds of thousands of Mexicans every year who do follow proper procedure in immigrating to the U.S. and most people are happy to have them come. In 2008, more than 230,000 native-born Mexicans were naturalized as American citizens, the most from any nation in the world and a number greater than the combined total from the next four countries on the list. In 2009, more than a million people became legal permanent residents; 15 percent were Mexican, the only country in double digits percentage-wise. Not everyone jumps the line, although why they don’t, given the shrieking resistance to enforcement against illegals among American amnesty shills, I have no idea.

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