Oh my: Harry Reid goofs on Palin

Via Greta. Given the nastiness that characterizes most of Reid’s shots at his opponents, a jab this gentle almost qualifies as affectionate. Maybe he has a soft spot for Palin? Or maybe, like most people who are facing doom, he’s mellowing a bit as the end approaches. New from Rasmussen:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid attracts just 39% to 42% of the Nevada vote when matched against three Republican opponents. Two of his potential opponents now top the 50% level of support…

Another tough sign for the Senator is the fact that 62% of Nevada’s voters think it would be better for the country if most incumbents up for reelection this November were defeated.

Twenty-three percent (23%) of voters in the state have a very favorable opinion of Reid, up slightly from last month. But 53% view him very unfavorably, up five points over the past month.

Another little political dividend for the Democrats courtesy of ObamaCare. The breakdown: Lowden 54, Reid 39; Angle 51, Reid 40; Tarkanian 49, Reid 42. The Times would have you believe that tea partiers are poised to ensure Reid’s reelection by fracturing over the huge primary field — 12 candidates in all — or backing Scott Ashjian as a third-party alternative in the general. Don’t believe it. Tea party leaders have already put the word out to the public that Ashjian is a stalking horse for Reid, which shows you how intent they are to head off any independent spoilers in November. As long as the eventual GOP nominee doesn’t say anything to actively alienate them, tea partiers will line up to knock Dingy out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him lose by 10 points. Click the image to watch.


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