Obama: America would have gone bankrupt if not for our new trillion-dollar boondoggle

A transmission from Bizarro World via CBS’s “Early Show.” I know he has to say stuff like this — admitting that we just added more economic dead weight to an already crushing entitlement load would be politically catastrophic — but it’s still amazing to hear him say it. They really, truly are going to campaign on the idea that a raft of new federal health-care benefits is a money-saver, despite the glorious experiences of Medicare and RomneyCare and despite poll after poll showing that people expect costs to go up, not down. We can crunch the numbers every which way, starting with the original sin of gaming the CBO estimates to lie about the program’s real pricetag, but it’s actually more useful to revisit that golden SNL skit parodying Obama’s joint presser with Hu Jintao. One line says it all: “I am noticing that each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money.” That’s precisely the gut-level response most voters will have when they hear him talk like this, and it’s a huge reason why the polls on O-Care simply aren’t going to move that much before November. So if, as here, The One wants to console himself with the idea that “it’s only been a week!”, he’s welcome to it. The die is already cast. Click the image to watch.


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