Video: Atheists devise creative new way to alienate people

Via Breitbart, a reminder that wherever there’s an opportunity to antagonize an innocent believer, we’ll be there. I’m giving you this for three reasons. One: In case you’ve ever wondered why, even in a post-9/11 world, atheists rank below Muslims in terms of traits the public dislikes in a politician, wonder no longer. Two: As dumb and distasteful as I find this, I can’t resist the dilemma it presents between acting on principle and doing the politically wise thing. Whenever that same dilemma comes up in a conservative context — look no further than Bunning’s stand tonight, although Rush’s “I hope he fails” comment is another example — I usually opt for the “politically wise” route and am derided for it in the comments. These tools are acting on principle too. Should they bottle it up instead to avoid alienating people, or is principle always the way to go?

Three: Can it be that Hot Air hasn’t had an atheism post in more than a month? What’s happened to this site?

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