Happy summit eve: 73% say Congress should stop work or start over on ObamaCare

Via Centristnet, behold the party public of no.

The survey indicates nearly half of all Democrats say Congress should pass legislation similar to the bills passed by both chambers, with nearly 4 in 10 Democrats saying Congress should start from scratch and just 1 in 10 saying lawmakers should stop all work on health care.

A majority of Republicans questioned, 54 percent, want Congress to start from scratch, with just under 4 in 10 saying lawmakers should halt work on health care reform and just 6 percent saying Congress should pass into law the current legislation.

Fifty-two percent of Independents want Congress to start work on a new bill, with 27 percent saying lawmakers should stop all work, and 18 percent saying that the current legislation should be passed into law.

In other words, even Democrats are evenly split about going back to the drawing board. Overall, 48 percent want to start over and another 25 percent just want to … stop. What’s most remarkable about those numbers is how unremarkable they are, really. Geraghty notes that net approval for O-Care is -10 to -15 points in nine different polls conducted recently, and a CNN poll taken in November showed fully 72 percent of the public at the time wanting to either stop work, start over, or make major changes to the bills then circulating in Congress. It’s not that opposition is huge, in other words, it’s that it’s been consistently huge for months on end. And yet here we are, 15 hours or so away from a marathon C-SPAN clusterfark dedicated to the idea that if only America can watch The One lecture Republicans about the individual mandate, it’s all going to start to turn around.

The mandate itself, incidentally, is now -8 in net approval, although most of the other core provisions poll well individually. (Just don’t mention the cost!) To help put you in the mood for tomorrow’s love-in, here’s Anthony Weiner showing off some of his new Hopenchange-brand bipartisan spirit.

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