Harry Reid pretty excited about Obama's bill despite not knowing how much it'll cost

The NRSC’s ticked off but I think it’s great. In a week filled with phony transparency, finally we’ve got the real deal — Dingy Harry, not even making a pretense of caring enough about costs to reserve judgment on the merits of The One’s O-Care proposal until CBO can score it. And why should he? His own bill cost a staggering $2.5 trillion but was sold to the public as weighing in at one-third that amount thanks to one of the lamest, shabbiest accounting moves under the sun. Better that they dispense with the whole charade of caring about the pricetag and embrace the “we’ll pass anything at this point” philosophy in earnest. This is, after all, a perpetual campaign and “reform” is the new Hopenchange. Sell it, Harry:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., praised the latest health care proposal put forward by President Obama on Monday, calling it “the best of the Senate bill and the best of the House bill.”

Reid, who appeared with Obama at several campaign events last week in his home state, said he is also eager to work with the GOP “in a constructive way” to pass a bill, beginning at the bipartisan summit scheduled for Feb. 25th at Blair House. Reid said the event would allow both sides to approach the issue “with a fresh perspective.”

What he actually said was “The President’s health reform proposal brings together the best of the Senate bill and the best of the House bill in a fiscally responsible way” (emphasis mine), which I guess is his way of telling CBO not to even bother with the scorecard this time. Come to think of it, since we’re now in the business of passing stuff with 51 votes whose costs we don’t even know, we might as well expand it to include education and infrastructure and anything else The One wants to get done before independents take his congressional toy away from him in November. Let Bernie Sanders explain it all to you.

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