Chris Christie: Man, am I fat

I couldn’t agree more with Cavuto: This is a brilliant piece of retail politics, turning Corzine’s lame digs at his weight into a high-profile opportunity to charm voters. The tone is exactly right and the jokes are actually funny, and he makes sure to remind viewers of how tiny Corzine’s balls are in refusing to take responsibility for the cheap shots he’s been taking. The new dKos poll has Christie up by a single point, which is too close for comfort but still amazing considering that Moneybags (a) has outspent him three to one, (b) is having his campaign more or less run by the White House, replete with campaign appearances by The One, and (c) enjoys vastly wider name recognition given the fact that he’s an incumbent governor and former senator. He enjoys every possible advantage — yet he’s still at grave risk of losing. If there’s a bigger, less appealing loser than him among the ranks of prominent Democrats (aside from Harry Reid, natch), I’d love to know who it is. McDonnell’s win in Virginia next week is more important than what happens in Jersey, but having Christie pull it out would be very, very sweet.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on January 30, 2023