Barbara Boxer: Gosh, Michael Steele sounds like the Taliban today

A tune from the DNC songbook sung by the left’s nastiest senator, capped by a trill of irony when she wonders why people have to spoil the day by being mean. I’m reasonably sure that Steele’s knock on The One’s record wasn’t a veiled call for him to hand over Afghanistan and Israel to jihadist nutbags, so there’s a pretty sharp distinction with the Taliban and Hamas right there. But never mind that. Can we use this as a “teachable moment,” maybe, to settle two political matters that are hazy right now? One: Is the Taliban an enemy or not? Boxer seems to think yes, which is fine by me, but that’s very much not a melody from her party’s songbook. And two: Is it okay or isn’t it to compare the other party to terrorists? I’m fine with it — after hearing Olbermann liken the GOP to jihadis umpteen thousand times, it’s water off the back by now — but there are few things the left seems to enjoy than a good fake-outrage conniption whenever some Republican pol (or center-leftist!) breathes the words “Al Qaeda” and “Democrats” in the same sentence. Street fight, or being overcome by the vapors? Just pick one already. Click the image to watch.