Scarborough wonders: Is Palin still a viable presidential candidate?

Answer: Yes, but time’s running out. As much as you guys may hate Kathleen Parker, there’s some wisdom in her latest Palin-bash. Even Ann Coulter, in naming Palin 2008’s conservative of the year, acknowledged that she needs to master national policy before making another run at higher office. There’s been precious little evidence thus far that she’s done so; on the contrary, aside from a pro-life speech or two, most Palin headlines have been devoted to her photo op in front of the turkey slaughterhouse or the endless Johnston/Palin family drama or the “will she or won’t she” attendance sagas at GOP events, from the congressional dinner clusterfark to the CPAC clusterfark. No more drama. Either buckle down as a serious candidate or declare now that you’re not running and let the freak-show coverage run its course. Can we agree at least on that?

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