Helen Thomas to Gibbs: Hey, are we sure Iran's a threat?

I don’t know what to say about this that I didn’t already say when she asked The One a stupid question about Israeli nukes at his February presser, so refresh your memory. Grandstanding hack then, grandstanding hack now. In fairness to the left, as much as she prides herself on being a liberal, I think denial about Iran’s intentions is a minority position even on their side. The only question here, really, is whether she earnestly doubts that Iranian nuclear weapons would pose a threat or whether she recognizes that they would but is willing to tolerate them anyway in the name of moral equivalence. Smart money’s on the latter.

If you’re not familiar with the quotes from Iranian leaders that Gibbs mentions near the end, start here. Exit question: Seriously, isn’t Greg Hengler right about her keeping her seat at these pressers not because she’s asking anything worthwhile but out of simple respect for her longevity? That’s one less question per day that might advance a story that Gibbs is being asked.