New House GOP ad: "Do You Feel Safer?"

Politico’s astounded that a shot of the Pentagon on fire on 9/11 would appear — for a fraction of a second — in a video about counterterrorism. Follow the link for the boilerplate denunciation from Steny Hoyer’s spokesman about “fear tactics,” which must have been written in between press releases about how the economy’s going to crash if we don’t pass every spending program and bailout that Obama demands.

If you’re wondering why Boehner and crew are hitting him on foreign policy instead of on the economy, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe they think the country’s attention is about to shift that way? There’s good reason to believe that it might. Or maybe they’re grooving on that Rasmussen poll from last week showing that 58 percent believe releasing the torture memos endangered national security. If that’s the case, fair enough, but this issue ain’t going to win back Congress if the economy starts to recover. Especially when, as of three weeks ago, 72 percent of the public — and 70 percent of independents — say they don’t think they’re less safe under Obama than under Bush.