Olby to Hannity: I'll give you $1,000 per second to be waterboarded

In which Kayo, who spent last week making teabagging jokes, warns Sean to be more serious about policy matters. There’s a whiff of “chickenhawk” idiocy to this: If Olby’s hot to pronounce waterboarding definitively torture there’s an easy way for him to do so, but he’d rather bait Hannity instead — not unlike the leftists who were too gutless to sign up for Afghanistan clucking about the cowardice of conservatives who didn’t enlist for Iraq. Watch for the part where he sonorously intones about torture turning the bad guy — or rather, in Keith’s words, the “presumed bad guy” — into a victim and the good guy into an evildoer. The moral myopia of saying that about the planner of 9/11 is characteristic of the left’s hysterical sanctimony on this subject; for another example, see Paul Krugman’s piece today in the Times declaring, no joke, that “never before have our leaders so utterly betrayed everything our nation stands for.” Never? Ever?

If you’re eager to see a journalist get waterboarded and can’t wait for Hannity to take the plunge, there’s no shortage of clips available. Here’s one from 2006 and another from last week. Judge for yourself how shattered they look. Exit question: Didn’t Obama turn those bad-guy pirates into victims by having them shot in the head? Sure, he saved the captain, but at what price?

Update: From the comments, “I offer $1000 for every second that Keith can hang on to the outside of a skyscraper while a fire rages inside.”

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