Stimulusmania: Rasmussen shows seven-point surge in support, too

Seven points in seven days, just like Gallup. Only a bare plurality backs it overall — 44/40, with 15 percent on the fence — but like Dave Weigel says, a week ago Rasmussen was all the rage in the rightosphere because it was the lone major pollster to show more opposed to the bill than in favor. Goodbye to all that:

The latest data shows that support for the president is closely linked to support for the stimulus plan. Among those who Strongly Approve of Obama’s job performance, 84% favor the stimulus plan, and four percent (4%) are opposed. Among those who Somewhat Approve of the president’s performance, 39% favor the stimulus plan, while 30% are opposed.

However, among those who disapprove of the president’s performance, the results are starkly different. Just one percent (1%) approve of the plan, and 91% disapprove.

The link between the president and support for the stimulus plan is confirmed by other data as well. A review of polling data from other firms suggests that when the plan is described as Obama’s plan, it enjoys more support.

Call it the Obamessiah Effect, soon to face its ultimate test when The One turns on the charm to sell TARP II to a public that’s already sick to death of bailouts. Exit question one: Think they’d get a different result if they started including Heritage’s assessment of the true cost of the stimulus in the questions? Exit question two: Is Kaus right that the only way to roll back the welfare provisions of the bill is for grassroots conservatives to unleash hell on YouTube?

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