McCain rips the stimulus: It's not "bipartisan" if only two or three Republicans vote for it

Ace wonders whether Maverick will resort to his mavericky ways when the bill finally comes to the floor. Watch this 10-minute stemwinder from this morning and let your mind be eased. As I write, we’re down to Specter, Snowe, and maybe Collins in the “yes” camp; presumably all Democrats are on board lest The One be humiliated by a failed cloture vote due to defections from his own party.

He’s holding townhalls on Monday and Tuesday and his first evening press conference on Monday night. Why Reid doesn’t push the vote until, say, Wednesday and let the momentum from that media whirlwind send wavering Republicans toppling into the Democrats’ camp, I simply don’t know. Exit quotation: “These cuts are very damaging — [the House bill] was put together very carefully.”

Update: A belated exit question. If time is of the essence, why didn’t Obama do the townhalls and presser this week to exert maximum pressure on Specter et al.?