Obama: Um, I know some of you are skeptical about spending a trillion dollars

Emphasis on “some.” Polls consistently show that more people support the stimulus than oppose it even when the price tag is attached, from 45 percent by Rasmussen’s measure to 53 percent from Gallup to even greater majorities per McClatchy and CNN. Expect stories like this plus The One’s own insistence on accountability, starting with the new Recovery.gov website, to push those numbers even higher.

Anything missing here, though? Any crucial pieces of information politely omitted lest they jeopardize the bill — besides, I mean, the fact that it’s brimming with pork and that it’s viewed by at least some prominent Obama advisors as a crude vehicle for redistribution? Why, there’s nary a word about TARP II or the fact that the recipients of TARP I already have lobbyists in place to make sure they get theirs when it inevitably passes. According to Rasmussen, 59 percent already say they’re worried about too much spending; imagine what it’ll be after The One finally gets around to telling us he wants another multi-billion-dollar bank bailout — after the stimulus has been safely signed into law, of course.

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