Video: New RNC ad hammers Obama over Blagojevich

Too much too soon? McCain’s other killer centrist soundbite this morning on ABC was to scold the RNC for releasing this at a time when “we should try to be working constructively together.” Althouse, meanwhile, deems it a “Blagosmear,” which is a bit further than I’d go given that Emanuel evidently did chat with Blago about the seat and has been suspiciously quiet thus far regarding what he did — and didn’t — say about it. Like the ad says, questions remain.

Even so, Fitzgerald gave The One a clean bill of health and other sources claim Emanuel isn’t a target of the probe, so while questions remain, I’m not sure any really important questions do. Plus, Team Barry walked back the Axelrod quote shown here about Obama and Blago having met to discuss the seat, and as far as I know, there’s been no hard evidence produced to prove that they ever did. Exit question: Should the RNC have waited on this? No benefit of the doubt during the interregnum, at least?