Inevitably, first "Draft Sarah" website appears

As if to confirm my hunch that Palin could flip millions of conservatives on amnesty simply by issuing an edict on the subject, the man responsible for the “Draft Sarah” website turns out to be an ardent opponent of illegal immigration. The more I think about that Frum video from last night, the more I think he’s missing an enormous opportunity: Since much of the base now regards Palin as Conservatism Incarnate, the fastest way for him to bend them towards the center is to embrace her and get her to bend that way first. She’s living, breathing vindication of KP’s “great man theory” of political evolution, at least with respect to the primaries. I fear for the boss, though, having to choose between her Palinmania and … a path to citizenship for illegals.

Tellingly, even the straw poll on the “Draft Sarah” website has The One out in front of a hypothetical 2012 match-up by a two-to-one margin.