Biden: "I never make any big, big gaffes"

Define “big.”

“I think we’ve run a really good campaign,” Biden said Monday. “And for all the stuff about gaffes, I don’t think there have been any real gaffes,” Biden said. “I mean, I don’t see anything in your polling data demonstrating any of that stuff you guys love to write about.”

“I never make any big, big gaffes,” he added. “I mean, you guys love saying that about me, but I tell you what, just look at the numbers. I don’t have any problem with what I’ve said and there’s nothing I’ve said that I would back off of.”

Republicans have ripped numerous Biden remarks over the past few months, with Sen. John McCain calling him “the gift that keeps on giving.”

You know he’s having a big day when his meditation on “girl-boys” rates as only the second dopiest thing he’s said. And yet — he’s right, isn’t he? Greasy Joe’s national ambitions have been one long exercise in self-sabotage, not just during this campaign but since he started running for president 20 years ago. The plagiarism; the IQ comment; the votes against the first Iraq war and in favor of the second, followed by his opposition to the surge; the 7/11 crack about Indians; the “bright, clean, articulate” backhanded compliment to Obama; and more recently the “no coal plants in America” clusterfark and the warning that we’re sure to face some sort of major international crisis should we elect The One. If the election had ended up being about foreign policy, as McCain hoped/bet that it would, that last one alone might have been enough to sink the Dems.

And yet, in spite of it all, Biden’s a day away from being elected vice president. Exit question: How did he do it?

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