Michelle Obama: Don't vote for a candidate just because "she's cute"

She’s referring to herself, of course. Even though she’s, um, not a candidate.

Why, whom did you think she meant?

Michelle Obama says voters need to decide this election by examining the issues, not because they like a candidate or think “she’s cute.”

Obama spoke in Charlotte on Thursday morning at a women’s round-table on economic issues. The crowd roared at her remark disparaging voters who might cast a ballot because of a woman’s looks, a clear jab at Republican vice presidential pick Sarah Palin.

Obama tried to clarify her remark with a smile, saying she was talking about herself.

This makes three times that one of the Obamas has deliberately belittled Palin, not including Barry’s “lipstick on a pig” crack which everyone in the world misunderstood except, apparently, for the crowd that was sitting there laughing at it. The first time was when The One glossed over her credentials as governor on CNN, just like his campaign did on the day she was announced as McCain’s pick. That’s defensible, at least, as not so much a personal attack as an attempt to draw a more favorable contrast with his own meager resume. But what about the second time, when the Bride of The One dropped this on her?

Obama then moved on to politics, where she first brought up her husband’s vice-presidential choice. “I think it was a really good pick—Senator Joe Biden,” she said, and later added, “People say they have amazing chemistry, and it’s true.”

Obama continued with talk about Biden when she said, “What you learn about Barack from his choice is that he’s not afraid of smart people.” The crowd softly chuckled.

Another unfortunate misunderstanding, another curiously giggling crowd. Exit question: What’s an innocent “civilian” like Michelle doing out on the battlefield, lobbing grenades at the other side?