New McCain ad: "Celeb"; Update: Oops, McCain did it again, says Obama camp

I was all set to hate it per the Drudge teaser about cameos from Paris and Britney, but it’s actually surprisingly savvy. This is the third ad in nine days to spoof the cult of Obama but the first one to employ it to any useful end, pairing it with the shots of celebutante nitwits to make him look like a “famous for being famous” lightweight per the hot-button coup de grace. The true stroke of brilliance, though, is how it plays the media. Team Maverick is very shrewdly trying to close the money gap by using gimmicky spots that they know will be buzzed about — with the requisite free airplay — on cable news. Britney and Paris guarantee that this will end up on crap like Hardball, although I admit I’m surprised to see Drudge emerge from the tank long enough to tack it up at the top of the Report. Exit question via last night’s post: How is it that McCain’s camp is capable of ads more memorable than the Obama juggernaut?

Update: The boss was ahead of the curve.

Update: Humor answers humor.