NBC poll: Voters want economic expertise from McCain's VP

For Obama’s VP, the same question splits roughly evenly between military/foreign affairs and the economy. Advantage: Chris Cox? Or is he too much of a “boring, normal, mainstream Republican white guy”?


The rest of the crosstabs, which are mercifully few, are here. Not too many surprises: Maverick leads big on C-in-C and experience, Obama the unknown quantity is seen as riskier, etc. But do note that Obama’s 47/41 lead expands to 48/35 if Nader and Barr are added to the race — with Nader taking five percent to Barr’s two. Why he’d be peeling votes away from McCain instead of Barry O is mystifying to me, unless the contingent of Hillary diehards looking for any alternative to Obama is larger than we think.

Also, 60 percent favor a timetable in Iraq, but then “timetable” has always been a proxy for “withdrawal sooner rather than later” and majorities have favored that for awhile now.