Third time's a charm: Ahmadinejad returning to New York

In which a guy whom Obama considers some sort of bit player within the Iranian regime makes his third address to the UN General Assembly. I’m surprised he’s not begging off this year as all it’ll do is create headaches for American doves by reminding the public of St. Barry’s policy of “direct presidential diplomacy” with the world’s leading cretins. Better for Khamenei to go and show them the “reasonable” face of the people killing U.S. and Iraqi troops inside Iraq.

An obvious X factor: Will he push anew to visit Ground Zero and pay his respects with a diatribe on “root causes” and the real perpetrators? McCain tore into that red meat last year; we’ll be six weeks out from Election Day when the GA begins, so ratchet up the scrutiny by two or three orders of magnitude if he tries again this year.

Exit question: How about it?

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