McCain on immigration reform: "I'm glad I did it"

Via Byron York. We know he’s planning to revisit the issue — the day after he’s inaugurated, no less — but the lack of remorse is news to me. What happened to that “lesson” he supposedly learned about securing the border first?

College betting is obviously an interstate commerce issue

(So Nevada should not have the right to have sports betting?)

The issue has been dead for years

(Despite your efforts, and I thought you were running on effectiveness, so how can it be dead?)

I haven’t won on every issue. I didn’t win on immigration reform, but I’ll go back at it. And I’m glad I did it.

Watch the Meet the Press clip linked up top to remind yourself of how uncomfortable he was, even when he was spouting garbage about having learned his lesson, with saying that he’d veto his crap amnesty bill if it landed on his desk as president. He succeeded in dodging the question entirely with Russert, in fact, but was finally badgered into saying that he’d veto it — almost en passant — at the Reagan Library debate three days later. It comes right at the beginning here, around 35 seconds in. Exit question: Why on earth would he feel compelled to say he’s glad he pushed for a bill that the base hates with a nuclear passion? I understand he has to walk a tightrope between Latino voters and border-enforcement conservatives, but that’s precisely my point: This isn’t how you behave on a tightrope. This is him flipping the bird to amnesty opponents. What gives?