Modern-day Murrow to Bush: "Shut the hell up!"

As delivered it’s more like, “Shut! The hell! Up!” but I thought that’d scan poorly in the headline. I’ve written so many posts about these grotesque little spectacles of his that I’m plum out of things to say, but I thought I owed you the clip so here you go. The money line is in the very last few seconds; if you’re willing to sit through all of it, be on the lookout early on for how, and I quote, “Terrorism inside Iraq is your creation, Mr. Bush!” (The exclamation point is in MSNBC’s official transcript. Angry!) One nice touch in this one is the drumbeat of indignant “sirs” in the second half, Olby’s polite, old-fashioned (dare I say Murrowesque?) way of expressing contempt for his opponent — until his true nature gets the better of him and he unleashes that ridiculous final line.

For further reading, here’s the Olby Watch recap in which Johnny Dollar wonders how angry Olby would have been if Bush hadn’t given up golf. And here’s Ace’s post from yesterday anticipating this sort of entirely predictable, tedious left-wing meltdown and wondering what it is, precisely, that Barack Obama and Harry Reid have given up to express solidarity with the troops in Afghanistan. (Iraq is the bad war so they can’t be expected to give up anything for the troops stationed there.)