Rosie on Wright: "I listened to him and, frankly, it made sense to me"

Via the ‘Busters, a lazy Monday trip down memory lane. Percentage of Americans who disagree or strongly disagree with Wright, per Gallup’s latest: 86. Percentage who strongly agree: just one, embodied by hard-left idiots like this willing to excuse any calumny or journey into paranoia in the interest of righting historical wrongs. She’s still deploying the “context” defense that Obama (finally) abandoned last week; she’s still excusing the “America created AIDS” libel on grounds that the government did, after all, infect black men with syphilis — which it technically didn’t, but which, unlike her other theories, is at least near to being true. I can’t think of a more transparent case of someone embracing conspiracies to affect intelligence, a fact betrayed here by her mention of blacks having once been considered three-fourths of a person. Close enough, Ro, close enough.

Exit question: You miss her, though, don’t you? Admit it. It’s okay; we’re among friends.