Surprise: Freed Gitmo detainee carried out suicide bombing in Iraq

So says his cousin to Al Arabiya, relaying a phone call he got from a “friend” two weeks after our man went missing from home in Kuwait. When killers are released prematurely from U.S. prisons and go on to commit other heinous crimes, the media usually has a field day with it. (Ask Mike Huckabee.) Let’s see how much attention this gets by comparison.

A friend of Abdullah Saleh al-Ajmi in Iraq informed his family that Abdullah carried out the attack in Mosul, his cousin Salem told the Dubai-based television channel.

“We were shocked by the painful news we received this afternoon … through a call from one of the friend’s of martyr Abdullah in Iraq,” said Salem al-Ajmi in a telephone interview aired by Arabiya.

He did not say when the suicide bombing happened.

Abdullah had been missing for two weeks and his family learned he left Kuwait illegally for Syria, he said. Abdullah had sent messages to his wife from Iraq.

You simply must spend some time with his Wikipedia page — yes, as one of the poor waifs of Gitmo, he has his very own — and pay special attention to the details about him recited in the list of factors from his Administrative Review Board hearing. His response to the charges, aside from insisting “I don’t have a grudge against the Americans”? To deny that he’d ever been to Afghanistan at all, leaving one to wonder how he ended up in the custody of U.S. troops going about his business in Pakistan. Money quote from the transcript:

Board Member: Al Ajmi I believe that your dedication to your religion is genuine, what direction or path will that dedication take should you be released?

Al Ajmi: For peace.

I can’t find any explanation for why he was turned over to Kuwait. Possibly because he was wanted there on charges of fundraising for Al Qaeda (and ultimately duly acquitted, natch) or possibly as a goodwill gesture from Uncle Sam to the international community, to prove that we’re willing to let jihadist cretins go even when they promise to go right back to doing what they do. Do keep your eyes peeled for further details about that Mosul bombing he’s being blamed for, though, and send me the links if you find anything. Doubtless this’ll be spun as the horrors of Gitmo having turned a carefree lad of 22 into a hardened, disgruntled jihad-bot bent on revenge against his captors — which, if so, should lead us to predict that his Mosul operation targeted U.S. troops, not Iraqi soldiers or civilians. Anyone want to wager on who his target actually was?