Racial demagogues weigh in: Who's right, Obama or Wright?

Two quick takes from the New York Observer, the first from a guy whose rallies inspire shouts of “kill the police” and the second from a guy who’s been known to shout that sort of thing himself. Barron, the more marginal and thus less cautious of the two, naturally agrees with Wright and tosses in an MLK comparison for good measure. Sharpton’s more equivocal but happily fulfills Limbaugh’s prediction yesterday that the spin from Obama shills will be to celebrate his “courage” in doing something that he was not only too gutless to do when he had the chance in Philadelphia but which he now absolutely, positively had to do to stay viable.

He’s curious as to why Giuliani and Romney were never asked about their issues with their respective churches. Here’s the video of Rudy being quizzed on it at last June’s CNN debate, but fair point vis-a-vis Mitt. Did he face any questions about his faith during the campaign? Why, offhand, I’m not even sure what his faith is.