Fox News poll: Democrats now think Hillary would be tougher for McCain than Obama; Update: "Testicular fortitude"; Update: 50% of Hillary voters "dissatisfied" if Obama wins

Last month 44% thought Obama would be tougher compared to 40% for Hillary. This month? 48/38 for HRC. And that ain’t all. There are nuggets galore in the crosstabs — among others, both candidates’ supporters would rather see Al Gore the nominee if their own guy/gal can’t have it (by a 54/31 margin among Hillary fans) and Obama’s unfavorable rating is now 42%, eight points higher than it’s ever been — but here’s what you’ve been waiting for. I maintain that the next month is nothing more than an elaborate last rites for Her Majesty but Dean-o himself says electability is the name of the game for the superdelegates, so chew on this:



The most interesting line there may be for the Democrats themselves, as another question indicates that fully 32% of Hillary’s supporters said they’d vote for McCain over Obama if it comes to that. (The dull silver lining? That’s actually down a point from last month.)

Goldfarb notes some modest movement in her direction at InTrade as well. Exit question: What explains the Hillary surge among Dems? Is it really just jitters over Wright or Bittergate, or has her warm, authentic, common touch finally won the heart of the working man? Quote:

The campaign had the fill-up choreographed to a T, all the way to which specific pump they would use so that cameras could be in position when they arrived. Within the shot for many was the large sign displaying the $3.75-per-gallon price tag.

After the entire motorcade pulled up, Clinton waited inside just a few moments as Wilfing got out of the passenger side and started the pumping process. With cameras mobbed together, Clinton hopped out of the truck without incident and joined Wilfing at the pump. She seemed very interested in the actual set up, acknowledging later that she hasn’t pumped her own gas in years.

Well, at least she’s having fun. Or whatever approximates “fun” in Hillaryland.


Update: I simply must have the video.

At an event in Indiana, Sen. Hillary Clinton got a ballsy introduction by the president of the local steelworkers union who said it’s “going to take an individual with testicular fortitude” to deal with solving the nation’s problems.

While Clinton cracked a smile and then burst into laughter behind him, union leader Paul Gibson called for a president who would take a “strong, hard look” at trade and continued, “I’m tired of these Gucci wearing, latte-drinking, self-centered egotistical people that have damaged our lifestyle.”

Gee, who do you think he has in mind as a Gucci-wearing latte drinker? McCain?

Update: Via the Standard, more evidence of Obama’s diminishing brand. Remember this guy, target of the other (i.e. not NC) anti-Wright GOP ad that’s circulating right now? Well, he wants you to know that he doesn’t know Obama and has “never even met” the man.

Update: I’m starting to believe that the sore loser contingent might not evaporate before Election Day. From the new NYT poll, due out tonight:

More than six in 10 Democratic primary voters who support Mr. Obama in the poll say they would be satisfied if Mrs. Clinton wins the nomination. But among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters, just 49 percent say they would feel satisfied if Mr. Obama wins, while 50 percent would be dissatisfied. Nearly a quarter say they would be very dissatisfied.