Grassroots social cons ready for Vice President Huckabee

Yeah, yeah, never mind the Politico piece. I know how exciting most of you will find this idea. Just passing it along.

Never mind the VP Huck idea, actually. How does McCain as nominee in 2008 followed by Huckabee as nominee in 2012 sound, hm? What shape do you think the party will be in circa January 2013?

Advisers to Mike Huckabee spent yesterday starting to build a conservative coalition that could propel a future run for the White House, hoping to capitalize on the popularity he gained during his unlikely presidential bid…

And though Huckabee has said that he doubts McCain would offer him the vice presidential slot on the Republican ticket, he has not denied interest in the job. The head of his campaign’s faith-and-values coalition, conservative radio talk show host Janet Folger, said she is broadcasting the phone number of McCain’s campaign office so callers can demand that Huckabee be placed on the ticket. Folger said McCain “needs” to pick Huckabee to ensure that conservative Christians will turn out in November.

I keep hearing rumblings about Crist but for reasons I’m not willing to get into I consider it … unlikely. Exit question: Does McCain really need an evangelical to win the evangelical vote? Most opinion in this piece suggests that a little perfunctory outreach to Christian conservatives — hugs with John Hagee, bon mots with Huck, back-slapping with Pat Robertson, perhaps — will seal the deal.