Slate reporter to Hillary aides: Name one foreign policy crisis she's been tested by

Brutal silence. There is one, of course, but she’s spent the past five years running from it; take away that vote and all you’re left with is “attended First Lady functions while president was off planning intervention in Bosnia” or whatever. The difference between this and the media’s sproadic goofs on Obama supporters over the thinness of his record is that this wasn’t put to some focus group or not-ready-for-primetime state pol. These are her top brass — the worst campaign team money can buy — facing a question on point about her bombshell new ad. And the best they can do is name some generals who have endorsed her. Pathetic.

Exit question: Why didn’t they mention her vote to designate the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization? Given the static she’s gotten for it and the left’s squeamishness about even the tiniest bit of saber-rattling towards Iran, that took no small amount of nerve. Or is she running away from that now, too?