Exit polls: The night of tears? Update: Fox calls Virginia for Obama; Update: Obama wins Maryland too?; Update: McCain takes VA & MD; Update: When will Huck quit?

Huckabee within a single percentage point of Maverick in Virginia, says Geraghty — a 31-point gain in three days, if true. And check this out. Among women:





The lesson? Always stock up on liquor before a primary. Stand by for fuller exit poll results imminently. Virginia polls close at 7 p.m.

Update: At the risk of stating the obvious, it doesn’t much matter if Maverick actually pulls out a win in Virginia or not. The fact that it’s this close means Huckabee gets to extend the primary for another few weeks.

Update: 7 o’clock, the polls are closed, and the margin’s already great enough for Fox News to call Virginia for Obama.

The GOP race? Too close to call.

Update: Raw Story claims inside info indicating Obama wins in Maryland and D.C. too.

Update: Based on these exits, it sounds like Maverick’s going to pull it out in Virginia. Barely.

Update: Here’s the GOP exit poll in Virginia. Note the gender divide; down to the wire.

Update (MM): Fox, CNN call Virginia for McCain. “Winning ugly” is still winning.

Update (Bryan): Voting in Maryland was extended 90 minutes, so the polls there are just about to close. We should start getting some data soon.

Update (Bryan): And at 9:30 on the nose, Fox calls the GOP race for McCain. It must be a blowout. Maybe he even topped 50% for the first time. Obama also took Maryland.

Update: Say goodnight, Hucky.

[A]fter going 0 for 3 tonight, despite a valiant effort in Virginia, Huckabee is looking at probably no wins until Texas. (And I don’t think I’d automatically give him a majority or plurality in the Lone Star State, either.)

We’re going to hear a lot about how close tonight was, and Huckabee can have his head held high, but with 86 percent of precincts reporting, it’s McCain 50 percent, Huckabee 41 percent. A nine percent margin isn’t a rout, but it’s not neck-and-neck, either.

It’s a free country, and Huckabee can stay in as long as he likes. But I suspect the question, “what’s the point?” is going to get steadily louder in the coming weeks…

Update: Wow. McCain lost Navy territory?