Geraldo to Mitt Romney on immigration: "We sort of all look alike"

One of this tool’s few virtues is his willingness to frame identity politics in the crudest and thus most revealing terms, even to the point of using rhetoric that would get a conservative fired. (And rightly so.) Lots of e-mails coming in about this snippet from Fox & Friends this morning, in which our hero recalls Mitt Romney trying to explain to him the difference between legal and illegal immigration while he zones out into a daydream about People Who Have Mustaches versus People Who Don’t. The dirty truth about the general election is that neither side will be spending much time on immigration; the dirty truth about the primary is that McCain won as much on character as on the issues, be they Iraq or the amnesty posture from which he’s been inching away since summer. Geraldo conveniently overlooks that tack to the right by McCain here in making his case that border enforcement is a losing issue, but then he conveniently overlooks a lot of things. Take it away, Krikorian.