Drudge: Democrats can't wait to get in the ring with Huckabee; Update: It didn't come from us, says DNC

Really? The Democrats are dying to do battle with an ordained minister from the south known for his preternatural communication skills and centrist economic and immigration policies? To the point where they’re refusing to attack him — except when they leak crap like this to the biggest news site in America about how eager they are to start attacking him? I’m skeptical. Granted, he often appears not to know what he’s talking about, and the claim from Drudge’s source that the past week’s fiascos “ain’t even scratching the surface of what we’ve got on him” is all too credible, but he’s got a lock on the south in the general and chumps like me are bound to hold our noses and vote for him, especially if he’s matched up with Hillary. Unless they’ve got dirt on some sort of criminal activity we don’t know about — which, if so, should be coming out soon so that the GOP can detonate this guy in the primary before we’re stuck with him — how exactly is this a cakewalk for them? And never mind the head to head polls, either. No one knows Huck yet and he’s not doing very much worse against Obama and Edwards than Fred or Mitt are, frankly. Check back in six weeks and see how he’s doing then.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Could be; read this. Exit question: When exactly did Drudge become to the anti-Huckabee camp what Hugh Hewitt is to the pro-Romney camp?

Update: Blar blar blar.