Breaking: Trent Lott to resign? Update: Kyl to replace as minority whip?

Bad on pork, bad on racial issues, bad on amnesty, and hostile to the one media weapon conservatives wield simply because it dared to challenge him. Like Mark Levin, I shall not miss him.

After almost 20 years of spooning out pork, it’s time for him to get fed.

The senator, after 34 years of public service in Congress is not wealthy like many of his colleagues and has talked for some time about leaving so he could earn more money.

So, aides said, the senator decided to leave by year’s end to circumvent new lobbying rules — instituted by Congress this year and effective in 2008 — that that would bar members from lobbying their colleagues after two years.

The so-called “revolving door” policy in effect now keeps former members from lobbying their colleagues for one year. The changes were made in the wake of the scandal surrounding former lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Any Mississippians want to venture a guess whom Haley Barbour will appoint? Barbour himself would be a solid choice but he was re-elected last year. The lieutenant governor, Amy Tuck, is young and famous in the area for having switched from the Democrats to the Republicans in 2002 but she just took a job with MSU.

Whoever it is had better be able to pay his own way in the special election because we’re busted, kids.

Update: NBC thinks Barbour may appoint Rep. Chip Pickering.

Update: The GOP shouldn’t have much trouble holding this seat.

Update: One amnesty supporter to replace another as minority whip? NBC says Lott’s handpicked successor is Jon Kyl.