Video: Morons in clown make-up show the CIA a thing or two

Has anything done more in recent years to break the crushing tedium of anti-war protests than the torture debate? With this incident, we now have as many documented cases of leftist idiots waterboarding each other in the past 10 days as we do of the CIA waterboarding Al Qaeda in the past six years. I’m cautiously optimistic that these little passion plays have permanently replaced the giant papier-mache puppet head as the hallmark of liberal “dissent.”

Our scene unfolds during a CIA recruiting session at UC Santa Barbara, as nascent nutroots students commandeer the front of the room for some impromptu torture and a mock rescue by the Leaders of Tomorrow. Take it away, Indymedia:

The two CIA recruiters heading the meeting appeared to be caught completely off guard. They packed up and began to leave, followed first by a few of the students who had come for the recruiting session, and then by the entire clown-and-student insurgency, which proceeded to disrupt every attempt at meeting in other parts of UCSB’s U-Cen, or University Center, building, by surrounding CIA agents and confronting them with a battery of questioning and shame, making it clear that torturers will not be tolerated at UC Santa Barbara. When it was apparent that any attempt at recruitment would fail, the meeting dispersed and one agent was escorted off the university by the chanting, confrontational insurgency.

When it was clear that the agent was no longer a threat to impressionable University students, the crowd returned to the U-Cen to forcibly eject the other agent, only to discover that he had already left as well. The former meeting room was occupied and used for a networking and debriefing session, where the insurgency was able to use the energy of the event to lay down the foundations for future resistance.

Kudos to the crack UCSB security staff for so diligently protecting students’ rights to be informed of their career options. Follow the Indy link and scroll down for video of the insane clown posse hounding the recruiter on the way to his car. Here’s the “torture” scene, which certainly captures the terror of the practice and the seriousness of the debate.

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