But of course: Wired writer who exposed Ron Paul spam now being smeared on YouTube

Yeah, I know, the smearers probably aren’t connected to the campaign. Neither are the spammers, neither are these guys, neither is Don Black, neither are the Truthers, neither is Alex Jones. They’ve all found their way to the same spot, though, in a glorious moronic convergence. Here’s the latest “eccentricity,” a smear job on Wired writer Sarah Lai Stirling that would have you believe that not only is she on Rudy Giuliani’s payroll but that she’s crowing about it on the campaign’s bulletin board. Impersonating Stirling wouldn’t be the first time the Paulnuts have played dress up in an Internet forum, but the last time was amusing and non-defamatory. This one actually squeezed a public denial out of the victim herself.

Her Wired story’s a good read. Take a minute to see how the real Ronbots operate before you watch this achingly pathetic frame-up. Exit question: Is it time?

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