Ron Paul's campaign paid conspiracy nut Alex Jones $1,300?

You can thank Beth of MVRWC for digging this up. So it seems now we’ve got money moving in both directions between America’s Greatest Patriot and this bottom-feeding Truther jackass: a $2,300 donation from Jones to Paul and a $1,300 payment this quarter from Paul’s campaign to “Jones, Alex.” Assuming it’s the same Alex Jones, which seems a safe bet, pray tell what might that payment have been for? The likeliest explanation is that it’s some sort of service fee, either Jones doing something on behalf of the campaign or allowing the campaign to do something using his property. Either way, I’m mighty curious to know what special service might have been provided such that Paul’s people couldn’t have gone elsewhere and gotten the same deal from someone who isn’t a degenerate conspiracy theorist. There’s another question for the media to ask him during one of his myriad cable news appearances. Annnny day now.

Beth points out another curious payment, much less sinister than the one to Jones but also less explicable: a hefty $42,325.99 to Babyshere Inc. Paul is an OB/GYN by trade and passionately pro-life so I’m guessing they did some work together in that vein, but I can’t find anything on Google about it.

Update: People are commenting that this is much more of a smoking gun re: Paul’s coziness with Jones than the donation Jones sent to Paul. I completely disagree. I’m willing to give Paul a pass on the donation he apparently received from Stormfront founder Don Black (assuming he returns the money, of course) since it’s reasonable to believe Paul doesn’t know who Black is. He and his people certainly know who Jones is, though, so why not return the donation immediately? Answer: Because Paul has no problem associating with Jones, as we already know from his many appearances on Jones’s show. In that sense, this whole gotcha game with the money is idiotic. Paul’s willing guest shots on nutjob radio are enough to fatally taint his candidacy, not this penny-ante donation/payment business.

Update: The $1,300 payment is in fact a partial donation of Jones’s campaign contribution. More here.

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