Video: Hitchens tries to convince atheists why they should be hawkish on Iraq and Iran

With a surprising amount of success, judging from the applause. This comes from the same atheist gathering at which last week’s Ayaan Hirsi Ali video was taken; she’s obviously in the audience here per his affectionate comments at the very beginning of the first part. It’s an hour long and there’s some plenty of criticism of Christianity mixed in, of course, but he’s before them to talk about Islam and Islamism and he doesn’t disappoint. You’re watching for four segments: in the first clip, his remarks on the Mohammed cartoon fiasco at around -16:15, and in the second clip, his remarks on Iraq at -28:30, on the prospect of war with Iran at -11:30, and the can’t miss passage at -4:30 on why the west is to blame for the conflict. “It’s a matter of pride that they want to attack us,” he declares, while acknowledging at one point that there aren’t enough soldiers in the world to deal with the threat. What that means going forward is ominous, and unclear.

I’m surprised to see that he hasn’t given up on Iraq yet. He’s been moving in that direction.

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