MA Gov Saying 'No' But Migrants Still See 'Please Come to Boston' Signs

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Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey made a big show of taking on the illegal immigrant crisis herself last week when she sent state officials down to the border. The Texas visit was framed as an official declaration from the state to Border Patrol, DHS authorities, Texas officials, and anyone else who happened to be milling about when they got there that Massachusett's was "full," "we don't want no more" so "plan to go somewhere else," gracias. Or however one says "thank you" in any of the bazillion languages now washing over the wide-open border.


Less than a month after President Joe Biden shut down much of the southern border through executive action, one Democratic governor is dispatching deputies to border communities to urge migrants already in the country: Do not come to Massachusetts.

Gov. Maura Healey sent five state officials to Texas earlier this week to tell border protection officials and non-governmental organizations that her state’s overburdened emergency shelter system cannot serve any more families.

“This trip is an important opportunity to meet with families arriving in the U.S. and the organizations that work with them at the border to make sure they have accurate information about the lack of shelter space in Massachusetts,” L. Scott Rice, the retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general Healey tapped to lead the shelter system, said in a statement.

“It is essential that we get the word out that our shelters are full so that families can plan accordingly to make sure they have a safe place to go,” he said.

I'm sure everyone in that seething, teeming Third World Texas hellhole appreciated the preachy folks from MA stopping in.

Gov Healey and Boston's socialist mayor Michelle Wu are handling the influx of the illegals they do have as efficiently and equitably as any of the easily overwhelmed blue states have so far.

American citizens to the back of the line, please.


The state legislature has a 'tone-deaf' problem. Maybe stop voting for these people?

Now, I'm not sure where or why illegals thought Boston would be as good a place as any to land, b...oh.

And, my goodness, haven't they made it cozy for all the "stay away" grandstanding? I think you'd normally call this 'mixed messaging' but when one is just words and the other is tangibles, well - tangibles win every time.


...One problem: Team Healey can insist all it wants to the folks in entry points like San Antonio, McAllen, Hidalgo and Brownsville that the Bay State is full up, but the reality is far different.

As long as Massachusetts has a right to shelter law on the books, they will come. As long as new shelter sites are “selected” around the state to house overflow crowds, they will come. As long as we issue drivers licenses regardless of immigration status, they will come. And as long as the Healey Administration pulls out the stops to get work authorizations for migrants, they will come.

You can throw out the welcome mat, but it doesn’t mean a thing if you leave the door wide open.

Though Healey signed off earlier this year on a nine-month limit for families with children and pregnant women to stay in state-run shelters, that’s still the offer of a place to stay for nine months, an appealing deal for those who want shelter ASAP. Even if the journey includes some nights bunking down in Logan Airport, the good people of the Healey Administration work tirelessly to find fresh shelter space.

Money is no object. The Healey administration spent $674 million on the emergency shelter system as of June 13, according to data released last week. Officials estimate costs could reach $932 million this fiscal year and $915 in fiscal year 2025. The state is buckling under the financial strain of housing and caring for the migrant influx, but it has yet to turn off the spigot and end the right to shelter law.


They haven't done anything about their sanctuary policies but squawk at Texas.

The airport in Boston sure looks full alright.

Some of the illegals sleeping there were booted out of hospital emergency rooms and lobbies.

Amid humanitarian and security crises in their home country, Haitian migrants arriving in Boston have been sleeping overnight at one of the city’s major hospitals. The dramatic increase of migrants arriving in recent weeks has stretched resources, the hospital told CNN.

About 55 people, most from Haiti, spent Wednesday night in the lobby of the Boston Medical Center, according to hospital spokesperson David Kibbe.

The medical center in Boston’s South End has sheltered more than 400 families for overnight stays so far in 2023 – most of whom were from Haiti, according to Kibbe. Last year, the hospital sheltered more than 600 families, he said.

$9M is going to the owners of this one hotel alone, with the state of MA paying $5400 a month per room ($180 a night, no kitchen) to house illegal immigrants. They've taken the logo off the facade so travelers who actually need one of the formerly $129-a-night rooms don't mistakenly park and try to check-in.


A MA GOP state senator is demanding the governor file a change to the 'right to shelter' law for starters. He says she's had plenty of time to correct course, has made all the wrong decisions, and offered some really good suggestions of his own.

...Sen. Peter Durant, a Spencer Republican, on Monday blasted the governor in a statement for her response to the influx of migrants into Massachusetts, and for her recent statement to a news outlet about not having a choice in the matter of the migrant crisis.

Durant said he wants Healey and Massachusetts leaders to amend the Right to Shelter Law so that the law applies to legal state residents.

...Moving forward, Durant offered the following suggestions for Healey:

• File legislation to amend the Right to Shelter law or call the Speaker and Senate President in support of Durant’s legislation;

• Reduce the meals voucher;

• Require bids on all projects and/or negotiate volume discounts;

• Require background checks and biometrics on those seeking emergency shelter; and

• Eliminate or limit ancillary services such as laundry service.

Gov. Healey’s administration could have limited the food vouchers, but she decided to pay $64 per day per person which is significantly more than the average taxpayer spends per day on food,” Durant said. “The Governor chose to put the migrants in blue collar communities not the more affluent municipalities. That was a choice. The Governor could have put the contracts out to bid. She did not. That was her choice.”


 But it's much easier for Gov Healey to send a posse down to the border to make noise and pose for pictures with "We're Full" signs while keeping the progressive status quo at home. (SIXTY-FOUR BUCKS A DAY FOR MEALS?!) 

The 'migrants' are being housed in drug-infested neighborhoods in former treatment homes, repurposed rec centers taken from lower-to-middle income areas, converted state prisons, or hidden in suburban hotels for a, a very large fortune. If they're sleeping at the airport, they're not bothering anyone in Martha's Vineyard, right?

Can't have that. People would talk.

Meanwhile, the welcome mat is still out and the front door's unlocked.

All Massachusetts did was turn the porch light off.


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