Send the Crackhead: I'm Only Okay With American Troops in Gaza If They Include Biden Administration Kids

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I read this last evening, and I was so horrified at the thought...even now, it's hard to process. 

Even knowing the utter incompetence and malevolence ensconced in this vile administration and the little regard in which they hold the lives of our precious military members, it catches my breath thinking of it.


This is a big, fat "HAY-YULL, no" in my book.

People in power rarely learn from history. In this particular disgrace of an administration, there has been zero capacity for learning from even their own mistakes evinced, less mind any historical lessons that might apply to any proposed plans. That would be an intellectual bridge too far.

Let's do a reenactment of, say, the Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing, shall we?

What? This administration's never heard of it?

Funny how I kinda figured that after reading this.

...In general, such plans expect most of the security forces to come from Arab countries, and that the need for such forces will be temporary until Palestinians themselves can take over. One plan, promoted by The Vandenberg Coalition and the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, suggests using private security contractors if necessary.

But several such plans want the United States to lead or take a major role in organizing and running the force.

That doesn’t mean U.S. troops will openly patrol in Gaza, but they might be just outside. Or they might be inside the territory performing functions that don’t require Gazans to see them. (Some Arab countries have told the U.S. that they won’t play a role if the U.S. doesn’t.)

The Biden administration is building its current post-war plans around the idea that the U.S. will play a major role in a multi-national force largely made up of Arab forces, according to four U.S. officials familiar with Middle East policy and an Arab official familiar with the issue. But President Joe Biden is unlikely to allow any U.S. troops inside Gaza itself.


Just tuck them outside to babysit the Arabs inside.

They'll be perfectly safe - no worries.


The administration, in its brilliance, is still actively pursuing a "Palestinian" solution to this current unpleasantness caused by Hamas, as if one could separate Hamas from Gaza and the Palestinians. Their ongoing ineptness and fantasies of massaging the world into a shape of their own design aside, this sounds like a Biden brain freeze instead of a Marshall Plan - "plan" being the operative word.

I can't imagine how badly, how catastrophically wrong this "creation" of theirs could go.

...Another idea the U.S. is pursuing (and a theme in several plans) is creating a Palestinian body to temporarily run Gaza’s civilian affairs.

What a cluster. And it's no wonder POTATUS and toadies are trying to undercut Bibi at every opportunity - all he does is rain on their nation-building. Jew-hating parade.

...Netanyahu has ruled out bringing in the Palestinian Authority for this undertaking; he says the West Bank-based body is no better than Hamas. The U.S. idea for a “Palestinian Council” would have PA representatives sit on the body but not lead it.

Other plans want a more central PA role and even the Biden administration has said that in the long run the PA should take charge of Gaza. But there’s a broad sense that the current PA needs to undergo serious reforms before it could lead, and that could take years. (It’s startling, but not surprising, how many plans have little or no input from actual Gazans.)


The desiccated sack of carbon masquerading as our chief executive could have easily saved himself this latest diplomatic disaster. Simply allowing the Israelis to conduct their punitive measures and much-needed Hamas extermination campaign without any interference from Michigan terrorist supporters via the weak sister who's cravenly courting their votes would have worked.

But, no.

And now the strategic geniuses responsible for Abbey Gate, losing the Sahel entirely, unable to even get a pre-formed dock in the water without it blowing to bits on its own two weeks later - among their more spectacular failures - have the visionary acumen to construct a new Palestinian government out of whole cloth.


All this, mind you, while my kid - maybe yours - along with other American troops would get to be plopped smack in the middle of warring factions who hate them and are licking their ever-lovin-goat-barbequing-chops for a shot. The exact same groups responsible for the Beirut bombing, Khobar Towers, ad nauseum. None of these bad actors have changed in decades.

Factions, mind you, who still relish the idea of martyrdom. Whose delightful, warm, and embracing mothers live to see them kill and be killed, and there's no way better than taking some Great Satanic infidels with you on the 1-72 Virgin scale.


Factions bankrolled by Iran who has been watching as our mush-mouthed, clump-footed president increasingly walks into proverbial diplomatic doors on the international stage. 


It won't be long before they prod good and hard if Biden goes ahead with this ludicrous scheme. And, as I wrote back in January, it won't be any Biden administration official who pays the freight when Iran does.

...As a WSJ op-ed presciently points out today…

Iranian leaders work with Lenin’s dictum that “you probe with bayonets: if you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw.”

Tehran and its proxies are pressing their attacks because they haven’t confronted steel. The ability to stop such probing generally depends on a swift and violent counterattack. Delaying and equivocating usually means the response needed to re-establish deterrence has to be much larger than it would have been if it had been applied in a timely manner...

All anyone has found so far is mush when they push the Biden administration. Go figure.

And for what?



What's the end game? What do they accomplish that's so different from the time before and before, as long as one Hamas operative or fat cat leader in Qatar is still breathing?


It's not like you can totally trust the next group, especially if they're hand-picked by Blinken and Co., right?

I mean...would you if it was your kid? 


Biden's also not real hep on saving anyone in a timely manner, so there's that to consider When his plan starts getting Americans killed.

So, how about we send their kids to babysit while they whip up their new and improved "Palestinian" creati...oh.

Blinken has two babies. Austin has no children. Jake Sullivan has no children.

POTATUS has the crackhead. 

Their personal investment in military deaths is non-existent. 

You'd think after Abbey Gate, they'd be gunshy about truly questionable commitments times thirteen. But they're not that smart, and they don't give a damn when the polling is this bad. Those uniforms are easy to move around without thinking of the potential cost other than what the boat or plane ride sets the budget back.

As long as it looks good to the Squad's mouthier anti-Semites.


I'm not willing to wager the hair on one precious American head on any Biden dice throw in that snek pit.

He wants it, he can send the crackhead first. 

Plenty of rocks there for Hunter to break.

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