Small children were stabbed in a French park this morning

Sebastien Nogier, Pool via AP

Just babies. A school outing to a popular lakeside park in Annecy for little ones between 3 and 5 years old.

I’m not sure when last I’ve seen anything so horrific or senseless. A Syrian refugee wielding a knife went through the occupants of prams and baby buggies like a Portland street thug flattens tires when he’s bored.


Horrifying new video shows the moment a knifeman prowled around a playground after stabbing children in their prams.

A British girl, three, was among the victims when suspect H Abdalmasih struck close to the town of Annecy in the east of France on Thursday morning.

Four children and two adults were seriously injured when the 32-year-old attacker targeted his young victims “indiscriminately” in a playground.

What a sick, soulless monster this sumbitch has to be. The wee kiddos, who are all about 3 (!!!) years old, didn’t mistakenly or accidentally get in his way. He WENT FOR THEM.

…Shocking footage from the scene shows the attacker wandering the playground as people call out for help in the background.

He holds a knife aloft in his hand as he circles the area and one stage takes the blade to a child in a buggy, where an adult woman attempts to intervene before he makes multiple stabbing motions.

…Describing how the attack started, an eye witness named Ferdinand told BFM TV: “He jumped (in the playground), started shouting and then went towards the strollers, repeatedly hitting the little ones with a knife.

Another witness, who asked not to be named, said: “The man was shouting in English, and caused absolute panic when he started attacking the little ones.

OMG it’s so ghastly.

Reports of the law enforcement response sound horrifyingly familiar and are utterly damning to French police if true.


…Witnesses described how onlookers yelled and pleaded with officers to shoot the suspect as he carried out the stabbings.

It does look as if they just chased him around until they could snatch him up. You can plainly see the weapon still in his right hand.

One witness says police did, finally, use their weapons on him, but not before allowing the marauder to slice up yet another defenseless, innocent park visitor after being begged, repeatedly, TO PLEASE ACT.

…In the moments that followed, he said the suspect outran police and stabbed an old man, leading her to plea with officers to take quick action

I told the police,”shoot him, kill him! He’s stabbing everyone”, he said.

He attacked the old man once, twice and then they started shooting – they shot him in front of me and he fell to the ground, but the old man was already stabbed.”

As I’m writing, the casualty count is reported as standing at 6 people including 4 little ones under 5 years old with “life threatening” injuries. One of the children is a British citizen, so that government has responded to the attack as well.

In a bit of a story twist, he was shouting in English and the message was 180 out from what we normally expect.

…The suspect shouted “in the name of Jesus Christ” in English before stabbing young children.

…An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: “The man was shouting in English, and caused absolute panic when he started attacking the little ones.

“He wanted to hurt as many people as he could. He caused carnage. The young children were just easy targets.”


Easy targets. And I have my own theory on Jesus being involved in this.

The knife-wielding monster is a Syrian refugee who had asylum status in Sweden, but denied naturalization. He had been seeking asylum in France, but was rejected by virtue of already obtaining that in Sweden. Here’s where the European Union comes into play in this horror story. Because he had legitimate refugee papers from Sweden, he could move freely around the EU’s Schengen Zone, but only to a point. According to French law, as soon his application was rejected, an exit-the-country clock started ticking. Again, an enforcement issue facilitates a tragedy.

…Then comes the question of staying in France. Even with a travel document, people benefiting from protection in another Schengen country do not have the right to stay in France for more than 3 months, except in exceptional cases such as a long-term economic activity. This was not the case, a priori, of Abdalmasih H. who was homeless.

However, as he had already obtained refugee status in Sweden, his asylum application in France was declared inadmissible in April. This decision was notified to him at the beginning of June. From the moment his asylum application is deemed inadmissible, the applicant’s right to remain in France is suspended. However, he had one month to appeal to the National Court for the Right of Asylum – a period which therefore ran until the beginning of July. At the end of this period, the prefecture could decide to send the individual back to Sweden.

However, one can be surprised at the time after which the Ofpra deemed his application for asylum in France inadmissible. This inadmissibility was indeed manifest from the start of the proceedings. Logically, as the individual did not come from Syria (where he could have argued that he was incurring threats), but from Sweden where he had obtained protection, his asylum application should have been examined according to a procedure accelerated by the Ofpra – therefore within a legal period of 15 days. The inadmissibility should then have been decided in December, and Abdalmasih H. should then have left France, in January at the latest.


We’ve heard that before, too, and how many times? He shouldn’t have even been in the country.

This poses yet another challenge for French President Emmanuel Macron, who is on the hot seat about the refugees, legal and illegal, who have flooded into France, chewing through resources, causing crime rates to soar, and stomping on French culture along the way.

It’s become such a desperate, volatile situation, especially after the brutal kidnapping, torture and murder of a French 12 year old school girl by a “migrant” on an expired student visa last fall…

…that the French people are close to exploding. They’re also watching their president tap-dance around the “sensitive” issue even as “immigrant” crime takes over the City of Lights.

Macron had his hands full already with migrants – in fact, the British are paying the French government close to $600M over 3 years to try to stop migrant boats from crossing the Channel to England – so I’m sure he feels the last thing the powder keg needed was something this horrific dropped into it.

Hello, dude – you set the stage for it.

Macron’s got it now, it was completely preventable, and how he faces those parents, I have no idea.

Slimy politicians find a way.

My heart goes out to those folks and their precious babies.

I can’t even imagine.

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