A preview of what's to come if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee

Remember that little quiz the Democratic National Committee released a few months ago? It came with its own URL — WhichMitt.com. If you don’t remember it, don’t worry. In the scheme of things, it didn’t particularly matter. (Although, for what it’s worth, since the launch, the site has developed substantially.)

But it was one of the first drips. And the DNC’s latest drop is far more troubling, a true preview of what’s to come if Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee. The Committee today launched a new website to house a four-minute video that lambasts Romney for his chameleon-like character.

“What does Mitt Romney believe?” the video asks, before it highlights Romney’s most notorious opinion shifts. At the end of the spot comes again the core question — and, more importantly, the ominous answer to it: “What does Mitt Romney believe? Whatever will get him elected.”

Unfortunately, it resonates — and all the more so because Mitt Romney’s reputation as a flip-flopper is deserved and has been cemented for some time — — even (or perhaps especially) among conservatives.

The DNC could release similar videos about several other candidates, including Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann, who have all, at one point or another, made contradictory statements. From TARP to personal escapades, from Gardasil to immigration, these guys just don’t always get their stories straight — even if they are some of the most conservative Republicans to run for president in years. But, if perception is reality, Mitt Romney is the prince of flip-flops — and, if the Grand Ol’ Party nominates him, every Republican everywhere had better be prepared to counter the argument that Romney has no core — and will say and do whatever it takes to get elected.

Fortunately, the rebuttal is the same as it was when the DNC released WhichMitt.com. If Romney is the prince of flip-flops, Obama is the king. (See here for a partial list.) That’s cold comfort for any voter who’s looking for actual conviction (including me!), but it’s still an important differentiation to make. And as far as “cores” go, what core I suspect Obama of having is very far to the left of Mitt Romney’s. Please let’s not forget that.

Parting thought: This video does underscore in a big way that the media will have contributed mightily to an Obama win, if, in fact, he scores reelection. By hosting so many debates, the MSM has served the DNC countless clips of quibbles and squabbles that just won’t look appealing or consistent in soundbite form.