Video: Unmasking a gimmick: Manipulating data to spur higher spending

In the vein of Keith Hennessey’s “The Other Side of the White House White Board,” the Senate Budget GOP today releases this video to unmask a budget gimmick popularly employed by Democrats as they call for more spending on investment in “education, innovation, clean energy and infrastructure.”

A quick refresher: Non-defense discretionary spending has surged 24 percent in just the first two years of the Obama Administration. Federal spending per household is skyrocketing:

Meanwhile, the president runs unprecedented deficits and the debt continues to grow, slowing economic growth and costing jobs, precisely the outcome Democrats say they don’t want. Fine if they want to argue for cutting defense spending, fine if they want to mitigate the appearance of the problem by looking at spending as a percentage of GDP (that is, after all, the traditional way to look at it), but to back up calls for more spending with the claim that we’re just not spending enough? To borrow a word from CEO Chairman Eric Schmidt, “ludicrous.”