Lars Larson's spot-on song parody: "I blame everyone, man"

Too funny. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to condense all of the president’s excuses for our economic travails into a song with the slight duration of 2:15, but Lars Larson has done it. The radio host explains his inspiration for the spoof:

Recently, I kept hearing the president on the radio blaming hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, the price of gas, tea party members and everything under the sun for the failure of his ridiculous policies for America.  I thought, “This sounds like one of those country western songs I love so much.  There has to be a way to put this to music.”

By co-incidence, a listener had just sent me a YouTube video of “I’ve Been Everywhere” (written by Geoff Mack in ‘59 and first put on the charts by Lucky Starr back in ‘62).  I contacted Kurt Van Meter, a bright young country/western singer/songwriter (his day job is police officer), and we teamed up for a parody cover of the tune.

It occurred to me that the president was trying to tell America, “The tsunami ate my homework,” so I sent Kurt a chorus line and a lot of ideas about the things I wanted to include in the lyrics.

Click the image to listen:

Did he leave anything out? I don’t think so. Let’s just remember: Take away excuses and all that’s left are results.

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