Dec 2018

You’re doing the public’s business. That makes it public

Aug 2018
Feb 2018

Privacy versus transparency

Jan 2018

Paul Ryan: It’s time to “cleanse” the FBI

Allahpundit Jan 30, 2018 5:31 PM

“I think we should disclose all this stuff. It’s the best disinfectant.”

Dec 2017

Special Agent Johnson? No, the other one.

Jun 2017

“If you’re frustrated by the lack of transparency in this process, I share your frustration.”

Apr 2017

Why shouldn’t federal contracts be posted online?

Jazz Shaw Apr 03, 2017 10:41 AM

If you’re fighting against transparency you’re doing it wrong

Feb 2017

Hillary wasn’t the only one

Jan 2017
Nov 2016

I’ll have fries with that

Oct 2016

“Oh, God … Anthony Weiner.”

Sep 2016

Betting the lives of veterans.

Aug 2016

“…reversing nearly a decade of greater transparency in presidential campaigns”

Jul 2016

Culture of corruption.

Jun 2016

Nothing to see here

May 2016

Zombie investigation

Hey, it could happen to anybody

Apr 2016

Harry Reid is playing hide and seek with your tax dollars

Dustin Siggins Apr 14, 2016 4:01 PM

Follow the money … if you can.

Mar 2016
Jan 2016

Corrupt department is corrupt.

Sep 2015
Jul 2015

“We’re going to be at this for a very long time.”

“Dear Hillary…”

May 2015
Apr 2015

Nice beat ya got there, kid.

Mar 2015

One more try for cameras in the courts

Jazz Shaw Mar 20, 2015 8:01 AM


Most transparent administration evah.

NY Governor is busy deleting thousands of emails

Jazz Shaw Mar 11, 2015 12:01 PM

Hillary would be so proud

Come for the relatively aggressive reporter fact-checking of an administration mouthpiece, stay for the moment when she becomes flustered to …

Feb 2015

Nothing to see here

Nov 2014


“Call it the stupidity of the American voter …”

Oct 2014